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The Best of Indian Cuisine

Our menus feature a curated selection of traditional and contemporary dishes that capture the essence of Indian cuisine. Discover a world of taste at our Merchant City restaurant in Glasgow.

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A La Carte

Chaat Mela

Classic street eats to innovative fusion bites, we celebrate India's vibrant chaat culture. Discover the essence of this beloved street food tradition, where every bite bursts with sweet, tangy, spicy, and savoury goodness.

Papadam and Chutneys

Mini papadoms with tantalising dips, offering a crispy, flavourful experience with each dip.


Pani Puri

A beloved Indian street food where hollow, crispy balls are filled with a spicy and tangy tamarind water, mashed potatoes, chickpeas, and a medley of chutneys, creating an explosion of flavours in a single bite-sized treat.


Bombay Bhel

A popular Indian street food dish made from a mix of puffed rice, chopped vegetables, chutneys, and spices, offering a delightful blend of crunch, tanginess, and spiciness in every bite.


Bhalla Papdi

A delectable Indian chaat dish consisting of crispy fried dough wafers — papdi and soft lentil dumplings bhalla, topped with yogurt, chutneys, and a medley of spices, creating a symphony of flavours and textures in every mouthful.


Samosa Chaat

A tantalizing street food delight where crispy samosas are broken into pieces, topped with a medley of flavourful chutneys, yogurt, and spices, creating a burst of taste and textures in every bite.


Hariyali Chaat

Spinach and potato lentil fritters, crowned with potatoes, chickpeas, and an assortment of vibrant fresh vegetables. A harmonious cascade of yogurt and chutneys adds a final touch of elegance.


Raj Kachori

A royal and indulgent Indian street food, where a large, crispy, and hollow pastry shell is generously filled with a delightful mixture of potatoes, sprouts, chutneys, yogurt, and an array of flavourful ingredients, delivering a regal burst of taste and textures.



Set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience, where flavours dance and textures mesmerise.

Zaffrani Nisha

Indulge in jumbo prawns marinated in a symphony of spices and saffron, tandoori-cooked to harmonious perfection.


Coconut Prawns

Coconut and the subtle hint of fennel envelops each succulent prawn, for a symphony of flavours in every bite.


Tandoori Monkfish

Succulent monkfish in a tantalizing pomegranate marinade with aromatic spices and fragrant herbs.


Pan-seared Black Pomfret

Minimal spices coat this Indian Ocean Black Pomfret, pan-fried in coconut oil and curry leaves, for a subtle fragrant taste that complements the fish.


Lamb Burra Kabab

Mughlai masterpiece — succulent lamb chops grilled in the tandoori oven for a distinctive smoky flavour, elevating their appeal.


Killi Koodu

Golden-brown chicken patties, adorned with vermicelli, cradle petite chicken balls, crafting a visually enticing culinary masterpiece reminiscent of a bird's nest.


Tez Chicken Wings

Chicken wings marinated in red pepper, ginger, garlic, and Malaysian chilli pepper. Bursting with vibrant flavours, perfectly balanced, for a warm, lingering taste.


Nawabi Chicken Tikka

Chicken, enrobed in velvety yogurt and clotted cream, embraces bold black pepper and invigorating green chilli, enhanced by the smoky allure of the tandoori oven.


Chicken Porichathu

Succulent chicken meets fiery spices and hot oil — a tantalizing dance of sizzle and anticipation. Spicy heat and zesty lime grace its soft and crunchy perfection.


Chicken Pakora

Succulent chicken pieces delicately coated and fried to golden-brown perfection, offering a delicious treat for the palate.


Hara Bara Tikki

Savoury herby vegetable patties—a blend of leafy greens, green peas, potatoes, and exotic spices.


Seasonal Vegetable Pakora

These seasonal vegetable fritters captivate with their crispy perfection and aromatic spices.


Spicy Symphony

Hara Bara Tikki, Seasonal Vegetable Pakora, Tez Chicken Wings and Chicken Porichathu


Regal Selection

Tez Chicken Wings, Nawabi Chicken Tikka, Coconut Prawns and Seasonal Vegetable Pakora


Tandoori Temptation

Tandoori Monkfish, Nawabi Chicken Tikka, Zaffrani Nisha and Lamb Burra Kabab


Tandoori Sangeet

The age-old tradition of tandoori cooking.


This exquisite, succulent lobster tail is adorned in an exclusive blend of hand-crafted spices and velvety yogurt. Meticulous grilling ensures an exceptional and unforgettable dining experience.


Seafood Khazana

A delightful assortment featuring tandoori-cooked prawns, monkfish, and salmon. A culinary journey that invites you to taste coastal India's finest flavours in one delectable platter.


Tandoori Sea Bass

Tender sea bass, delicately infused with aromatic spices and expertly grilled to enhance its natural taste and texture.


Grilled Pomfret

Expertly seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices, the fish is grilled to perfection, achieving a crispy exterior that gives way to succulent, flaky flesh.


Salmon Anjuthengu

Succulent salmon, kissed by the tandoor's flames, is adorned with a secret blend of spices and aromatic herbs, elevating grilling to new heights.


Kanthari Lamb Chops

Tender lamb chops infused with spices and fiery Kanthari chilli offer an exciting taste adventure for those who crave a hearty meal with intense flavours.


Chandni Chicken Tikka

Tender chicken breast, infused with aromatic herbs, spices, and fiery Guntur chilli powder, dazzles with vibrant flavours in a spicy, succulent delight.


Punjabi Paneer Tikka

This tandoori masterpiece tantalizes with earthy mushrooms, soft cottage cheese, sizzling peppers, and harmonious potatoes in a sensory delight.


Nawabi Nazakat Dum Pukht

An exquisite culinary tradition that marries the art of slow-cooking with an intricate blend of aromatic spices and flavours.

Monkfish Dum

Monkfish, lovingly embraced by a velvety mustard sauce, elegantly waltzes with delicate ginger juliennes and a symphony of aromatic spices. This dish pays homage to the Nawabi era of Awadhi cuisine, renowned for its opulence and refinement.


Kundan Koh-e-Awad

Tender Mughlai lamb, caressed by the enchanting flavours of cardamom and saffron, embodies the essence of regal cuisine. It's a tribute to the epicurean legacy of a time when Mughal culinary artistry reigned supreme.


Chicken Khusk Purdah

Boneless chicken, marinated in the essence of star anise, achieves perfection through grilling before being gently dum-cooked with vegetables under a delicate veil.


Brinjal Salan

Aubergines, simmered in a sauce with coconut milk. It's a celebration of flavours that harkens back to the rich Nawabi culinary heritage of Awadh.


Bharwa Dum Aloo

Potatoes, elegantly stuffed and slow-cooked, bringing a rich and indulgent masterpiece. It's a dish steeped in the flavourful delights of bygone Nawabi Awadh, where culinary extravagance was the order of the day.


Dum Biryani

Savour this aromatic slow-cooked dish of rice, enriched with fragrant rose water, crispy fried onions, velvety yogurt, and a symphony of spices and herbs. A truly satisfying culinary experience.

Goat on the Bone


Lamb Shank




Seasonal Vegetables


Rasedar Rasoi

A rich tapestry of curries, celebrating the art of cookery with bold spices and vibrant flavours that define Indian cuisine.

Chicken Makhni

Tender chicken, coated in a spiced yogurt marinade and cooked in a sauce that combines tomatoes, and cream, delivering rich, bold flavours to soothe your senses. The original butter chicken!


Garlic Chilli Chicken

Experience fiery garlic-infused chicken, intensified by Morich chilli's heat. A tantalizing fusion of pungent and spicy, creating an unforgettable taste.


Shah Jahani Quorma

Tender chicken in a creamy coconut milk, seamlessly blended with aromatic spices, crafting a velvety symphony of flavours that will enchant your taste buds


Nadan Chicken Kari

Spicy chicken on the bone, cooked to perfection in a tantalizing blend of traditional spices, offering a taste of authentic Indian cuisine that is both bold and satisfying.


Chicken Chettiyar

A taste bud-tingling chicken dish, with the warm embrace of roasted spices and rich coconut milk. This time-honoured Tamil gem, a prized recipe from the Chettiar clan, presents an exquisite tapestry of regional flavours.


Seyal Chicken

Delight in chicken lovingly simmered in coconut milk, and complemented by the freshness of spinach. A harmonious fusion of flavours that tantalizes your taste buds.


Mangalore Goat Kari

Journey to the heart of tradition, where bone-in goat and potatoes are lovingly crafted into a rustic and soulful dish, preserving the essence of age-old culinary heritage.


Lamb Daal Saag

Tender lamb and lentils unite with freshly shredded spinach, creating a wholesome culinary delight that nourishes both body and soul.


Lamb Nilgiri Korma

Succulent lamb, embraced by the distinct aroma of sun-dried fenugreek, forms a culinary gem rich in taste and history, a testament to time-honoured recipes.


Lamb Kala Bhuna

Tender lamb dances alongside generous chunks of peppers and onions. A harmonious blend of flavours delighting the palate with each bite.


Kashmiri Rogan Josh

A treasure of Kashmiri cuisine, this dish showcases a tender lamb slow-cooked in it own juices, echoing centuries of culinary tradition.


Jheengha Maharani

Large prawns luxuriate in a decadent, intricately spiced sauce crafted caramelized onions, sun-ripened tomatoes, and luscious cream, this culinary creation embodies a regal indulgence


Sea Bass Kaccha Mango

A Goan-inspired Anglo-Indian dish, featuring seabass gently cooked in a blend of raw mango and coconut milk, for a fusion of tangy and creamy flavours.


Naga Naga Salmon

Salmon takes centre stage amidst a vibrant symphony of fiery naga chillies, tangy black tamarind, and a touch of coconut milk.


Yellowtail Kingfish Kari

Yellowtail Kingfish in a fragrant blend of tamarind, mustard seeds, Kashmiri chillies, and curry leaves, this dish offers a great medley of flavours.


Pondicherry Seafood Kari

Brimming with mussels, prawns, and squid, simmered in a fragrant coconut broth and enhanced with tangy tomatoes, fiery green chillies, and aromatic spices


Aangan ke Sabzi

Garden-fresh vegetarian delights.

Chole Masala

A delightful dish where chickpeas are simmered in a rich and aromatic blend of herbs and spices, creating a flavoursome and hearty treat.


Dal Sultani

Golden-yellow lentils gently meld with tomatoes, earthy cumin, and a curated blend of spices, infusing the dish with rich, aromatic essence, crowned with a red chilli and fragrant spice-infused tadka,.


Dal Bukhara

A culinary treasure closely related to Dal Makhani, but with a unique twist. It features creamy black gram lentils, tomatoes, and cream, elevated by the addition of dried apricots. A delightful fusion of flavours that sets it apart.


Madrasi Vegetable Kari

A delightful ensemble of unique Indian vegetables, cooked together in a harmonious medley of spices, creating a dish that’s both diverse and delectable.


Mysore Vegetable Kurma

A medley of mixed vegetables is gently simmered in a velvety coconut milk sauce, green chillies and black pepper and touch of fennel. A delightful representation of Mysore’s culinary heritage.


Subzi Kofta

A delectable dish where potato and green vegetable dumplings are gently nestled in a flavourful and herby sauce, for a fusion of tastes and textures.


Bhindi Dopiaza

A beloved Indian delicacy of tender okra in a luscious sauce enriched with an abundance of onions. The name dopiaza signifies the double use of onions, creating a rich and multi-dimensional flavour profile.


Paneer Maharajah

A regal delight where paneer takes centre stage, luxuriating in a sumptuous sauce crafted from tomatoes, and cream. A dish of richness and indulgence.


Achari Paneer

A fiery rendition where paneer is boldly cooked in the intense spices of Achar masala, delivering an exhilarating and scorching heat that’s sure to awaken the taste buds.


Lazeez Mirch Paneer

Delightful dish where paneer is cooked with a medley of peppers and onions, creating a harmonious blend of flavours and textures that please the palate.


Side Dishes


Deep-fried tiny anchovies deliver a crispy and crunchy bite.


Poshto Aloo

Earthy potatoes tossed with nutty poppy seeds in a subtly spiced, classic.


Channa Saag

Tender chickpeas, spinach and mustard leaves unite in a rich, hearty dish.


Masala Mirchi

Spiced stuffed banana peppers, delicately coated in flavourful spices


Side Salads

Laal Pyazz

Vibrant and zesty salad of thinly sliced red onions, dancing with tangy lemon juice and a subtle spice.


Lachha Salaad

A medley of sliced onion, cucumber, coriander, lettuce, and a lime and black pepper dressing.


Pahadi Raita

A harmonious blend of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and pomegranate topped with fresh yoghurt.


Flavours of Basmati

Mushroom Rice

Featuring tender mushrooms and infused with aromatic caraway seeds.


Jeera Chawal

A fragrant dish of long-grain Basmati rice cooked with cumin for a subtle earthy and nutty essence to the rice.



Steamed Basmati rice.


Bread Basket

Alphonso Peshawari Naan

Mango, coconut, fennel-filled golden bread.


Garlic Coriander Naan

Aromatic, garlicky flatbread with fresh coriander.


Tandoori Naan

Soft and fluffy Indian flatbread.


Malabar Paratha

Flaky, flavourful coastal delight.


Vegetable Paratha

Stuffed with seasonal veggies, aromatic spices.


Tandoori Roti

A simple classic Indian flatbread.




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